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Classic school bag

Classic school bag
Product code:
Size: 38x27x14cm
Price: € 233.10 (Ranger dark brown)
Price: € 215.50 (Natural)

This school bag is a new design for 2010. It has two reflective tape lines and a small light for the safety of the children. The back straps are newly designed so that it will fit nicely on the back of the children. This bag has two components and two pockets in front. It is the top quality school bag.




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Classic Backpack small

Classic Backpack small
Product code: 100007
Color: Natural
Size: 20x23x9cm
Price: € 90.90

The bag comes with strong handle and removable and adjustable back straps.
This bag has one compartment. The young child carries to preschool or kindergarten


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by peripiccoli_eng | 2011-02-21 06:07

Lunch Bag with back straps

Lunch Bag with back straps
Product code: 100114
Color: Natural
Size: 22x18x12cm
Price: € 123.90

The bag comes with strong handle and removable and adjustable back straps.
This bag has one compartment for lunch and playthings the young child carries to preschool or kindergarten.

This is a very sturdy and classic lunch box backpack manufactured in Belgium by Ruitertassen, who have produced these bags since 1927.


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by peripiccoli_eng | 2011-02-21 06:04

Color Tower Ball Run

Color tower ball run
Product code: 43900
Price: € 83.70
We have one in stock.

You can assemble as you like. There are two bells you can drop from the top.
The colors of this toy are so beautiful.


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by peripiccoli_eng | 2011-02-21 05:23

Color Tree Kugelbahn

Color Tree Kugelbahn
Product Code 9304
Price € 48.80(Small)
Sizel 160x160x465mm
From 2 years old

We have some in stock.

Please supervise your children not to swallow small parts.

When the balls are falling down they make beautiful sound.


If you would like to order this product, please send email to
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During the months of February and March we will offer some discount to newly registered customers.

If you would like to register with our mailing list, we will give you 10% discount when you purchase more than 20 Euros by 31st March.

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Tax Free Shopping (moving to non EU countiries)

Tax Free Shopping is possible at PERIPICCOLI.

People who are moving from Belgium to non EU counties can purchase products without 21% VAT from us.

1. You need to submit us a letter which is issued by your removal company.

2. You need to purchase more than 125 Euros including VAT.

3. The purchased goods have to be kept as new until you ship them through your removal company.

4. We will give you an invoice with your purchase.

We have a wide range of toys and Burleigh potteries during Open days.
Please let us know if you would like to come and browse them.
Email: tel: 0496 2323 97

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How to Order for Customers in Belgium

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How to order our stock.
You can send email to us including the product name, the price and the quantity.
Please inform us your name and phone number.
After we receive your order, we will inform you how to pay via bank transfer.
For the product which can be paid by Eco-cheque and Ecopass, you can pay when you collect the products.

We will arrange the date for the collection in Uccle.

How to order (non stock items)

Please place your order by the deadline of our monthly catalogue. Since we send orders from all the customers at once, you can collect your ordered products around the end of ordered month to the beginning to the next month. (exception of Burleigh dishes)
When you place the order please let us know the product code, the name of the product (if mentioned), the quantity of order, your name, telephone number, and your email address.
We will send you an order confirmation with the total payment amount. We accept only bank payment at the moment.
When we can confirm your payment by 15th of every month, we will place the order.
When we have received your products we will let you know by email.
At the moment we do not send the products by post within Belgium. We will give you some dates for collection. For those who are busy during the weekdays, we will make available dates on weekend for collection as well. Please bring your own bag if possible.
For more details please continue reading below.

Regarding the product delivery date

Since we will place an order to the wholesaler at once we cannot guarantee any specific date for us to receive the products from the wholesaler. If you have a specific date to give gifts for birthday etc, please place an order a month before. For example, if the birthday is in the middle of February, we would suggest placing an order from January catalogue.


If we cannot confirm your payment, we will try to contact you by email or phone in case of some trouble with email system or bank system. If we cannot communicate with you and we still cannot confirm your payment, we are afraid that we cannot place an order for you for that month.

Exchange and return

Since we place an order only by customer’s request, we cannot accept product return and exchange.
Only in case the product is not perfect condition, we will be happy to accept returns and exchange. Please accept that it would take some time to exchange the products.

Gift wrapping

We do not have any gift wrapping service at the moment. When you come to collect the ordered products please bring your own bag if possible.
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