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The Japanese School festival in Brussels

Sunday 9th October 2011 from 11:00-15:00

It was an enjoyable and busy day! Many children and parents enjoyed playing at our Cuboro table. The also enjoyed trying spining tops and shopping our stand. We had a wide selection of small simple toys as well as some chiristmas ornamnets from the black forest, Germany.

We would like to thank to the all the parents and teachers and children who help this festival. We are looking forward to participating next year!

If you would like us to come to your school festival in Belgium, please email us.
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Wooden Candle Pots from Black Frorest Germany

These are very popular candle pots every year. We have just received them.
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d0217479_21183785.jpgCandle size 2 star money one motif Code:4131-1  
Size: 9.5-11cm  Price: 16.00€ 14.80€

d0217479_2132725.jpgCandle size 3 nativity One Motif Code: 4132-30
Size: 13.5-14.5cm Price: 17.30€  15.80€

d0217479_2127287.jpgCandle size 3 3 Animals motifs  Code: 4132-1
Size: 13.5-14.5cm  Price: 21.90€

d0217479_2129339.jpgCandle size 3 3 Christmas motifs Size:13.5-14.5cm  Code: 4132-2  Price:21.90€ 19.80€

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Bubble Bears!

These bubble products are all German made by PUSTEFIX. The high quality level of PUSTEFIX includes all safety regulation and modern environmental requirements. The PUSTEFIX liquid is harmless, non toxic and is environmentally confirm due to biological break down. The recipes of the bubbles are secret. Once you use it you will love it.
Their products are loved by children as well as adults. Professional bubble artists use their product because of the beauty and magic of the bubbles!
We have introduced PUSTEFIX products since Spring and they have become one of the most popular products.

Please send your order to the following email address. Email address:
All the prices are inclusive of Belgium VAT.


Magic mini bubble bear
Product code 0562
Size: 17cm(180ml)
Price € 4.80
From age of 2 and up
Color: red, blue, yellow

You can mention your preferred colour, but please bear in mind that we might not have your color in stock. The contents are the same.
This can be a nice little present for a birthday party.
For smaller children who just start learning how to make bubble, this teddy will help you. It is more stable for them because they have to hold it with both hands.


Refill of bubble 500ml
Product code 567
Price € 4.80

Refill of bubble product for filling your various accessories... Have fun making bubbles for a long time!

The color of the cap has three colors, but the contents are the same.

Non-toxic liquid.
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Classic school bag

Classic school bag
Product code:
Size: 38x27x14cm
Price: € 233.10 (Ranger dark brown)
Price: € 215.50 (Natural)

This school bag is a new design for 2010. It has two reflective tape lines and a small light for the safety of the children. The back straps are newly designed so that it will fit nicely on the back of the children. This bag has two components and two pockets in front. It is the top quality school bag.




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